About Our Values

Our mission

The mission of Tasty Hampshire is to create a unique opportunity to customers to observe and foster environment- and health-conscious approach when shopping for their food and support their local community and economy while doing so. Tasty Hampshire and New Forest area offers excellent quality, exceptionally nutritious food on its own right, but it has been – sadly - overshadowed by mainstream supermarkets. 

Tasty Hampshire is the link between small farms, growers and small family producers and your home, bringing wonderful local produce and products to your kitchen table. 


Our Ethos

All our produce and products are from 100% traceable Hampshire and New Forest farms, field, orchards, nurseries, small family businesses and NOT from laboratories.

• We observe and celebrate regenerative, sustainable and compassionate farming.
• All our meat, poultry, eggs and animal products are free range / pasture raised / grass fed. We are against factory farming. We would only ever supply locally reared, pasture raised meat and animal products, or nothing at all. It's not  just about a cow, it's about the how.
• We work with nature instead of against it - we don't appreciate chemicals in our goods
• Our packaging and delivery practice is thoughtful and committed to leaving no footprint behind.
• We pay fair market price for the people and families that supply us.
• We support good local causes, pay forward and give back where we can


We don't stand for

• Factory farming
• Food waste
• Unnecessary packaging and plastic waste
• Artificial ingredients, colours, flavours and preservatives.
• Long-traveled and -stored produce

Thank you for supporting local Farmers

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