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About Tasty Hampshire

What is Tasty Hampshire all about?

In short: Tasty Hampshire is a one stop shop for local food and ingredients of small artisan farmers, growers and food producers of Hampshire, the New Forest and a small radius of this region. It’s like visiting a farm shop or a farmers market, but online.

In a bit longer way to explain: We believe that it’s never been more important to shop local if possible that supports families in our community instead of supermarket chain giants. This helps to recover the local economy, gives jobs to many, provides livelihoods, not to mention the better-quality tastier food that small scale production results in.

We carefully selected all our products from the Hampshire and New Forest area from small scale producers. We hold a small stock of long shelf-life products in our shop that we replenish according to demand. Furthermore, all perishable products are freshly prepared to your order directly at the farm. We only source what we sell with the aim of dramatically reducing food waste.

Climate change is something we are painfully aware and by setting up Tasty Hampshire we would also like to play our part of reversing the damage has been done. Food systems contribute to at least a third of all global greenhouse gases, which are also linked to deforestation, biodiversity loss and declining drinking water supply. On the top of that, transport is another notorious polluter.

By buying from sustainable, traceable sources, and sourcing animal product only from high-welfare, free range and pasture raised animal farms closer to home, we can keep food miles low.

It’s not just more nutritious food that we can put on the table as a result, it’s forward-thinking, environmental conscious mindful choice of living.

How does our shopping habit affect the local economy?

Demand is the key to all change. It’s demand that drives the market, and not other way round. One may say that whatever there is on the supermarket shelves, it is there already, so if we buy it, we do good by reducing waste. But it only the tip of the iceberg, and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

As long as people buy cheap, factory farmed meats, pesticide covered and fertilisers laden fruit and vegetables, mass produced, additives filled pantry staples, often from foreign land (see Danish pork, asparagus flown in from South America, tender stem broccoli from Kenya, etc – please check the labels) this is what supermarkets will mostly offer. If no one buys them and they have to be thrown away with no profit resulting in the sale, the supermarkets will really quickly stop stocking those produce. If shopping habit change, supermarkets will also change.

The Tasty Hampshire, we only sell food from local producers.


By buying more seasonal, local food, we help growing the demand for better quality, local produce that does good for the local economy and is better for the planet. Thank you for turning the tide on demand for local produce.

What should we eat?

There are a million different diets/lifestyles/food crazes out there. We tried pretty much everything under the sun, from veganism to paleo, and literally everything in between. We found all of them quite good for a short period of time, but for us, none of them proved to be sustainable.

Unless there is a genuine medical reason, Tasty Hampshire believes in no restrictions and that we should eat everything, in moderation and in proportion to our needs.

To maintain a balanced diet, our choice of food would be whole food around these 4 corner stones:

  • Seasonal (eg. no asparagus from Peru in February – the food mile is horrendous!)
  • Meat, dairy, eggs – quality over quantity.
  • More veggies than animal products
  • No waste (food and packaging waste).
How can I be more mindful about the food we eat?

We think it is important to learn where our food comes from, who produced it and how. Making a conscious decision to support food producers who practice sustainability (ie. low impact meat, grass fed dairy, organic food production, etc) is already one huge step in turning the tide on demand for a better food system. Choose quality over quantity, eat more whole food (that has one ingredient: itself), avoid food additives and waste nothing. That’s the Tasty Hampshire way of mindful gastronomy.

Your Order

Is there an order deadline?

Yes, it is currently 11pm on a Sunday. Everything fresh is produced directly to your order by artisan producers and we need to know what you’d like in advance.

How do I know that my order is confirmed?

There are ways to ensure that your order is confirmed:

  1. You’ll receive a confirmation on the screen when your checkout is successful.
  2. You’ll receive an order confirmation via email (please check your Spam folder and the Promotions sections in Gmail if you are missing the email).
  3. By logging into your ACCOUNT, you can retrieve all your orders, including the latest one immediately.
Can I modify my order once it’s placed?

At the present moment, our online shop doesn’t allow modification of your existing order. There are ways around it though:

  1. You can cancel your order and place a new one.
  2. If it’s a Click&Collect order, just place another order – there is no minimum order or collection charge.
  3. Please contact us and we see what we can do.
How can I cancel my order?

Please email us at from your registered email address stating your order number.

At the moment we cannot facilitate cancellation automatically from your Account – this is due to the fact that every piece of fresh produce is made / picked specifically to your order and we have a cancellation policy in please in order to protect our small artisan producers. Details of the cancellation policy can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Where is my receipt?

We are not sending out printed receipt with your shopping in our effort to reduce waste. You can download your receipt any time by logging in to your account and retrieving any of your previous orders. If you have any difficulty to download your receipt, please Contact Us and we are happy to help.

Your Delivery

Where do you deliver?

We have a detailed document – the link is on the bottom of every page, also can be found here.

In a nutshell:

  • We deliver locally with minimum packaging in and around Southampton for a £2.49 fee.
  • We deliver nationwide with overnight express delivery for a flat fee of £5.95.
  • We deliver to the Isle of Wight, but there is an increased price on the courier service due to the ferry crossing.
  • We are unable to ship to offshore islands and remote location (ie Scottish Highlands).

You will see all your shipping options at the check-out – you’ll be asked to enter the postcode where you would like your shopping delivered at the beginning of the checkout process.

Do I need to be at home when you deliver?

No. DPD has its standard delivery procedure – they will leave your parcel at the delivery destination according to your instructions. You’ll be able to leave instructions at the checkout, and will be able to select different options as well at the link you’ll receive directly from DPD.

As for Local Delivery – it would be ideal if we could hand the delivery directly to the recipient, especially if it contains chilled items. If it is not possible, please choose Click&Collect, or contact us to let us know how we can assist.

In either case, please ensure you choose a safe, secure and water proof place as we cannot accept liability for the damages in or loss of the parcels left unattended.

Can I choose my delivery day / time?

Not currently. We have a fixed shopping cycle, just like you would shop in an actual farmers’ market.

The reason being is that we don’t source anything from factory scale suppliers – all of our producers are small artisan farmers/makers who produces for the weekend markets. We are working alongside them – it’s more efficient, effective, sustainable and cheaper.

This is how our cycle currently looks like:

  • Order deadline is Sunday 11pm
  • We then let the suppliers know of the exact quantity / portion we’ll need – no waste here! Everything is produces specifically to your order.
  • We collect / accept deliveries on Wednesday and Thursday for perishable items.
  • We package and dispatch on Thursday
  • You receive / collect on Friday.

Everything is fresh and therefore fully freezable. The meat produce has a use-by date of around 10 days from production, therefore it’s plenty of time to cook fresh during the week until your next delivery, or just pop them in the freezer to use later.

Where is my receipt?

We are not sending out printed receipt with your shopping in our effort to reduce waste. You can download your receipt any time by logging in to your account and retrieving any of your previous orders. If you have any difficulty to download your receipt, please Contact Us and we are happy to help.


Is Tasty Hampshire plastic free?

Almost completely, but it not entirely. This is a huge topic to talk about.

We don’t use plastic ourselves.

We have even agreed in changing cellophane or plastic to home compostable packaging with many of our suppliers.

There is, however, no alternative currently available to vacuum package meat in other than plastic.

Any other containers, even if plastic, are recyclable – but it is worth mentioning that just because it’s recyclable, it doesn’t mean your council is doing it. Please check on your council’s website what they are taking from at curb side collection and what needs to be taken to a recycling center.

The sad part is that sustainable packaging is still way more expensive than just ‘ordinary’ packaging and it’s less affordable for small scale producers. We are working hard to change this.

Is the ice pack safe?

Yes, it is completely safe, it’s just pure tape water. The outer packaging is recyclable with shopping bags at large supermarkets.

Once the ice pack is defrosted, please pierce it, drain it down the sink and recycle. Or why not reuse it on your picknicks…

You are also welcome to return it to us – we are working on a scheme to make it more efficient.

You are offering the option to use recycled packaging at the checkout – what is that about?

Packaging waste is something we feel really strongly about. In reality, transport requires product packaging to ship it safe and secure, and therefore we receive some of our stock packaged from our suppliers.

Reusing these boxes and fillers are a fantastic way to reduce waste. Throwing them away (even if responsibly) has a significant CO footprint, that can be prevented by using it again. Many of our customers are happy to receive their goods in reused boxes where hygienic and practical. Just think what waste reduction we could achieve if every box would be used twice (or trice, or even more…).

That’s what your Reduce-Reuse-Recycle efforts are all about.

About the products and produce in the Tasty Hampshire web shop

Is everything from Hampshire?

It wouldn’t be true to state that everything is from Hampshire and the New Forest in our shop. Most of them really are, but we are sourcing some products and produce from the NEAREST available source and all are special in some way.

Dorset Sea Salt, for example, is from Dorset, because we haven’t found anyone doing the same in Hampshire. 

We won’t be able to find a single olive tree in the New Forest, so the olives are from Crete in our Olive Architects bottles. They grow and press them themselves in their single origin family farm, then bottle it here in Hampshire.

Even if they are not form Hampshire, they re representing the same, small scale artisan production values. Everything is from independent small businesses, that you won’t find in the average supermarket.

What does traceability mean?

It’s important for us to know where our food is from and how it’s produced. You’ll see the link to every producer at every product. If you have any questions about any of the products,  you can check the producers out directly, or please contact us and we will find the answer for you as we don’t need to go far.

Why do you not have any chicken in the shop?

We haven’t yet found a supplier in Hampshire or the New Forest that share our values AND could supply us.

Chicken is a particularly unethical food, due to being small and there is a high demand – we would never ever buy chicken in a supermarket ourselves as they are most likely mass produced from factory farming.

If you know of a farm that would fit into our ethos, or you are a farmer yourself, please make yourself know to us, we would be happy to find out whether we could work together.

Thank you for supporting local Farmers

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