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Tasty Hampshire is the love child of our climate change concern and us being an avid fan of excellent quality food. It is a one stop shop for local food and ingredients of small artisan farmers, growers and food producers of Hampshire, the New Forest and a small radius of this region. It’s like visiting a farm shop or a farmers’ market for the freshest, best quality local produce, but online. 

Tasty Hampshire believes that it’s never been more important to shop local if possible that supports families in our community instead of supermarket chain giants. This helps to recover the local economy, gives jobs to many, provides livelihoods, not to mention the better-quality tastier food that small scale production results in.

Tasty Hampshire carefully selected all its products from the Hampshire and New Forest area from small scale producers. The shop holds a small stock of long shelf-life products in a customer facing workshop that is replenished according to demand. Furthermore, all perishable products are freshly prepared to order directly at the farm. Tasty Hampshire only sources what it sells with the aim of dramatically reducing food waste.

Climate change is something that everyone must be painfully aware. By setting up Tasty Hampshire, the owners would also like to play their part of reversing the damage has been done. Food systems contribute to at least a third of all global greenhouse gases, which are also linked to deforestation, biodiversity loss and declining drinking water supply. On the top of that, transport is another notorious polluter. 

By buying from sustainable, traceable sources, and sourcing animal product only from high-welfare, free range and pasture raised animal farms closer to home, we can keep food miles low.

It’s not just more nutritious food that we can put on the table as a result, it’s forward-thinking, environmental conscious mindful choice of living.


Our Story

Our journey to local food was long, tainted with health ailments and filled with education.

After spending decades with dieting and trying every single food related craze under the sun, we noticed that we were producing a lot of waste and realised that we were contributing heavily to climate change with living a -what we believed 'conscious' - trendy life style.

Our eating habit has completely changed, we dramatically reduced food and packaging waste, found our way to Farmers' Markets and now source our food from local small suppliers.

We believe that we, as humans, are only as healthy as the food we eat, and we are responsible for not just our own, but our beautiful planet Earth's health. 

We celebrate and promote sustainable and regenerative farming principles while supporting small producers from our local community in our life.


Local and Sustainable

These are the two buzz words that are arguably getting thrown around ever so often these days.

We are, however, committed to serve our customers under the real meaning of these words.

Our produce is truly and exclusively LOCAL.

You won't find exotic fruits or well-known brands in our shop. They have their place, but they are easy to get hold of in any convenience store.

We are avid fans of produce and products from the Hampshire and New Forest area,

and partner only with the best local farms, orchards, fruit and vegetable growers, small artisan producers from close to home.

They supply our wholesome, natural, nourishing, excellent quality food that we deliver directly from the farm to your kitchen.

We are on a never-ending path of learning, but we try our best to ensure our practice is as SUSTAINABLE as possible.
As it turns out, just because something is recyclable, it doesn't mean it gets recycled. Modern, busy life creates heaps of rubbish with its convenience solutions - but waste is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to climate change.
We work in harmony with Nature by:

• keeping food miles very low,
• using the bare minimum, most environment friendly packaging
• sourcing the best quality whole or clean ingredients only from local small producers that share our values about nature, animal welfare and healthy, real food.

Our online shop and box delivery service offers an easy and convenient way for everyone to put fantastic quality locally produced food on the table that is 

• Fresh
• Nourishing
• Local
• Sustainable 
• Produced in harmony with Mother Nature
• and Tasty.


Tasty Hampshire

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